What type of website is this?

Thanks for looking at our website. We are a full service promotional marketing company. We sell custom printed products to businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals. Please see the About Us page for more information about RushKing Promotions.

Can I order merchandise without an imprint?

Yes, absolutely. We sell blank goods all the time. You will be paying the same price per piece, but you will not be charged a set up charge for the art setup, since the order will be delivered blank.

I see what you have on the website, but I want something else, do you have other products?

Yes, we do. The website is a good place to START looking at what products we sell. It is by no means all of what we sell. We have over 5,000 other products that we sell that aren't listed on the website. Either email info@rushking.com or call 877-787-4564 and ask a customer service representative for any other product you might be interested in. We can provide to you via email or fax all the pricing, pictures and information that you might need.

Can I get a sample of the product that I am interested in?

Sure, we can send you one free sample of a product that you intend to order from us. Additional samples will be billed. Please note that the sample will come with a random imprint on it. If you need to see how your logo will look on the item, we can do a sample of the item with the imprint, but there is a fee. Please call customer service at 877-787-4564 for the pricing.

How will I know if my artwork/logo will look ok on the item that I choose?

RushKing order processing includes a paper art proof, at no additional cost to you. After we receive the order, our full service art department will send you via email or fax an art proof so that you can see exactly how the imprint will be printed. You must sign off on that art proof before any order goes into production. Until we get a signed art proof no printing will begin.

I am not sure which item is good for my promotion or my logo, what should I do?

The best thing to do is give us a call at 877-787-4564 and speak to one of our representatives. Our staff is skilled in recommending the perfect promotional product and the perfect display for your logo. Give us a try, we will do our best recommending to you a product that you can receive when you need it and exactly how you need it.

Help, I forgot to order my promotional product and my event is this week, what should I do?

First, don't waste any more time, you did that already. Give us a call at 877-787-4564 and we will work with you and advise you which orders can be produced in one day or three days or longer. We will ask you when your event is and we will guide you to the best product for you. Most of our items are available as a RUSH, but be aware that Rush Charges apply. Rush Charges vary depending on the item and we will let you know the pricing per each item. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 24 HOUR RUSH, OR THREE DAY RUSH DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIME. That time is only the amount of time, from the time the art has been signed off to the time that the product actually ships. Then the product will need to ship in enough time for you to meet your in hand date.

What are the shipping costs for the merchandise?

Shipping is very complex when it comes to ordering the products listed on this website. RushKing bills shipping charges based on UPS rates when the merchandise actually ships. We have over 40 production facilities across the USA. We make every attempt to ship your product from the closest production facility to your shipping address to save you on shipping costs. Additionally, we try to ship cheapest possible method, which is usually UPS Ground. Please be advised that Rush Orders or even standard orders that have to meet an in hand date will be shipped using the service that will get the merchandise to you when you need it. This might mean an overnight or 2 day air ship. Since you pay the actual UPS fees, the prices will reflect the type of shipping that you require. If by special request, you prefer us billing your shipper account number, arrangements can be made to do so. Each item is billed by its particular weight and destination, there is no set shipping fees for all the products.

Can I use my own UPS or FED EX shipper account number?

Yes, we can ship on either shipper numbers and bill you for the shipping, or ship on your provided shipper number and we will bill you nothing for the shipping. Please note that we do not guarantee that your order will ship out on your shipper number. Since we process hundreds of orders a day and most orders ship on our shipper number, there are occasions that we end up shipping on our account number. If this mistake does occur you will be responsible for the shipping charges. We will try to accommodate your needs and ship on your shipper number, but it cannot be guaranteed and you will be responsible for the shipping.

I found what I am looking for, now what?

At RushKing you have three options:
A) You can call place your order online using the easy to use navigator. After you complete the online process a representative will be in touch with you to confirm your order.
B) You can call us at 877-787-4564 and place your order with any of our customer service representatives.
C) You can email your information to orders@rushking.com and a representative will be in touch with you to confirm your order.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. We must have all billing information. If that is not an available option, please call us at 877-787-4564 for prior approval to pay by certified check, bank check, money order or company check. Your payment method must be approved before the order goes into production.

Now that I have placed my order, am I done?

Not quite yet. We try to make the process easy and painless, but we still need to have all the paperwork in order. As soon as your order is taken you will receive by email or fax an order confirmation. This form details all specifics of your order, so that there are no discrepancies or mistakes. You must sign that form and fax it or email it back for the order to be released to the art department. If there are any necessary changes, make the corrections and fax it back, unsigned and we will send you a revised order confirmation. As soon as all the information is correct, fax it right back to us so that we can move the order to the art department. The art department will work on your logo or art information and send you a proof to sign. The entire imprint will be on that proof. If it is not on that proof it will not be printed. The order will not go into production until the art is signed off as well.

How do I send you the art work?

It is best to email your logo, text or information to art@rushking.com. Please reference an order number or your name in the subject line. An artist from our team will email you back an art proof and information. Sometimes art work is hard to see or work on. Please make every effort to send high resolution artwork. We prefer Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, or EPS files. If the artwork is provided as a TIFF, JPEG, or BMP we will try to work with it. If there are any problems we will notify you. Please note that many customers have internal computer programs that create the art images, don't assume that our computers are equipped with those programs. Please call our art department to verify that a particular file can be opened.

Wait, I don't have my logo on the computer, what if I can't email it?

Well, if you just need text then call us up and tell us what the text is that you want it to be and we will fax you or email you a proof. If you have a printed logo, then you must mail it to us so that we can recreate the image. We do NOT accept faxed artwork, it is just too blurry to work with and you will not be satisfied with the results.

I do not have an email address or fax number, how do I get my order confirmation or art proof?

Well, the best bet is to see if someone near you has one, or your order will be delayed. If not, we will mail you the order confirmation and art proof. The order will be put on hold until both signed documents are returned to us.

Can you make us up a corporate logo?

At this time we don't have the resources to provide corporate identities. What we do though, at no additional charge, is provide some assistance to working with your logo or coming up with a basic graphic for you. If you instruct us we can add a particular picture or align some graphics or words.

When will my credit card be billed?

We bill your credit card two times. We bill you the first time as soon as your order is confirmed for the amount confirmed on the order confirmation. This enables the product to be put into production. We bill you a second time once the shipment has been sent out for the shipping charges and any overrun that was produced.

What is overrun/ underrun?

These are words used in the promotional industry. When your order is produced our large warehouses weigh out the product that is necessary for your order. Using this method, sometimes there is not an accurate amount of product produced. You are signing on your order confirmation that you agree to an overrun or underrun of up to 5%. This means that you agree that if up to 5% more are shipped, then you will pay for them, but if 5% less are shipped, you will be credited for that amount. When dealing with big machinery it is nearly impossible to get the exact quantity. Another factor with the overrun and underrun is that we always want to ship only the product that comes out perfect so the misprints never ship. Typically the overrun that is shipped is as few as +- 3%.

Besides for the charge for the item, what other fees are there?

Most items have a screen charge. Blank goods don't have that charge. The screen charge varies per item. This is a one time fee to set up your logo. If you need an imprint with more than one color the screen charge will go up and an additional charge per piece will be charged. We will advise you of all those charges based on which item you choose and how many colors your logo is. Additional fees include a second side imprint, a second location imprint as well as special packaging. Also if your order needs to be a rush order, there are extra rush fees which differ between the different items. Shipping is billed at actual rates depending on how quickly it needs to ship. Please see the information regarding shipping.

Can I order assorted colors of the product that I want to order?

That's a difficult question to answer without knowing specifics. In general, you can order assorted colored products. The following limitations do apply. First, we do not have all colors of all items in stock at all times. Our products are extremely popular and we tend to run out of stock on some popular colors. Please call and clarify with us what colors we currently have in stock. If you request an assortment we will give you an assortment of colors in stock at the time that you placed the order. Next, some products we would need to charge a broken box charge to pick out different colors. We will advise you if there is going to be an additional charge at the time that you place the order. Next, if you do order a few different colors, we can only guarantee the colors in stock and a two or three different colors. Please keep in mind that the imprint color that you are going to choose needs to be able to print well on each color that you pick of the item. If we would need to change imprint colors, there would be an additional screen charge.

When will I get my order?

Depending on which item you choose determines your order time frame. Production time does not start until the order is confirmed, and the art is signed off. We will advise you the standard production for the item that you choose. You will then have the opportunity to notify us if you need it quicker and if you would like the rush charges. Once again, the production time does not include the shipping time. Assume 5 business days for the UPS ground shipping.

Can you guarantee my in hand date?

At RushKing Promotions we work very hard to make sure you have the order by your date if not before. All orders are monitored throughout the process to make sure that we are running on schedule. If for any reason, there are any delays you will be notified of ship time, and if necessary switch to a different item. We have a 99% on time rate and we pride ourselves with making sure all orders run on time. If necessary we have overnight crews to do anything necessary to get all orders out when they are supposed to get it. Please note that once we ship the order from us to you, we cannot be responsible for problems that might pop up with UPS. We will ship using the appropriate method, but occasionally UPS or FED EX does have problems. RushKing Promotions stands behind our warehouses but once the shipper has the order, we cannot be responsible for shipper delays.

If it says 14 business days for production for my item, is there any chance it will be sooner?

Usually not. The estimates are usually on target. Perhaps the item will ship at most a day sooner. We have huge volumes of orders and the orders are run in the order they are received. The only way to assure yourself that the order will ship sooner is to select a 3 day rush which includes additional fees.

Can I cancel my order after I have placed the order?

It really depends on what stage we are up to in the process. If you place a web order or a phone order and change your mind immediately you may tell one of our representatives to cancel out the order. Nothing will be charged to you. If you place an order online or on the phone and more than 7 days have passed we will charge a cancellation fee for entering an order. Our customer service department spends time and effort getting each order confirmed quickly and passed through the processes, if we need to spend more than 7 days trying to hunt you down we will charge a cancellation fee. If you confirm your order and decide to cancel once the art department has sent you an art proof we will charge a cancellation fee as well. Those fees are for our time in working on the order, pulling stock and/or setting up your artwork. If we already started production on the order it really is too late to cancel the order. Please call our customer service department and they will check what stage your order is up to and warn you about the possibility and costs of canceling an order. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We work very hard on each order. We will do whatever is possible on the day the order is placed to let you know about all fees and circumstances so that there should be no necessity to cancel any order at any later point.

I got my order, and I don't like it. What now?

What is wrong with the order, is the item not what you expected, is the imprint wrong. You will have to call us at 877-787-4564 to discuss the problem with a representative.

What happens if my order comes broken?

We know that this can be frustrating. If an order arrives and appears to have been damaged during shipping please call us at once. We need to know about any broken product right away so that we can either reprint what was broken or give you a credit for those pieces. We will discuss with you and decide what will work better for us. We need to make a claim with the shipper and if we need to do a reprint we need to make sure we have the printing screen still available. Please let us know the total number of broken pieces within 7 days of receipt of an order so that we can proceed quickly to get the situation fixed for you.

I have ordered from you in the past, can I reorder and save on some of the charges.

Sure, our best customers are those that return to us. You will save on screen or setup fees if you use the same logo. If it is an exact reprint, there will be a half price screen charge. If there is any change to the imprint, we would have to charge you a full price screen charge. Please call our customer service representatives for specific help with placing an exact reorder for a multi color imprint.

I am a distributor and want to purchase products for my customers, is there any relationship that we can set up?

We have many distributors that purchase with us. Our policy is that we want to make a mutually beneficial relationship. We charge you standard pricing on the first order and as we see repeat orders from you, we will establish a discount program with you. Many people contact us and don't bother coming through with future orders, that's why we like to see some history before we can set up the relationship.

Are you a member of any organizations?

Yes we are a member of the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI).